Q: What is Hydraulic Estimating Solutions?
A: An Australian hydraulic estimating company that strives to tender on projects irrespective of the business size.

Q: In which countries do you deliver your services?
A: Australia and New Zealand

Q: Why should my business use Hydraulic Estimating Solutions?
A: A business needs to run smarter and more efficiently to ensure profit gains. Having a full-time hydraulic estimator can cost in the region of AUD$60,000 – $150,000 per annum. You may utilise our services because:
1. No lock-in contracts
2. As-needed services available
3. No full-time hydraulic estimators required

Q: What experience do your Hydraulic Estimating Solutions team have?
A: Industry Experience – 20+ years

Q: How big is the Hydraulic Estimating Solutions Team?
A: 1 full-time hydraulic estimator at this stage, as part of the Estimating Solutions Group company, we have 22 staff between all divisions.

Q: What are the projects worked by Hydraulic Estimating Solutions and their team?
A: We have worked on Residential, Commercial, and Industrial projects ranging from $5k – $10m.

Q: How do I request an estimate?
A: Send us an email to rfq@estimatingsolutions.com.au or call us on 1300 083 238.

Q: How fast can the team complete a project?
A: Usually, we require 2 to 5 days to accomplish a project. However, projects can be completed on the same day as well if there is no need for suppliers.

Q: How much do Hydraulic Estimating Solutions Charge?
A: Send your job documents through to rfq@estimatingsolutions.com.au and we’ll provide a free no obligation quote for services at our earliest convenience.

Q: What will I receive upon completion of my estimate?
A: 1. Pricing Calculations
2. Tender Submission Document – includes clarifications, inclusions, and exclusions

Q: What happens if multiple contractors request the same project?
A: If this scenario occurs, we shall contact all the contractors for spreading awareness about the price rates with other contractors as well. If all the contractors agree to proceed, we quote a price accordingly. An invoice for each contractor is prepared and submitted.

Q: How do I pay for your services?
A:: Hydraulic Estimating Solutions accept the following payment options: bank transfer, PayPal & credit card.

Q: Do Hydraulic Estimating Solutions offer packages?
A: Yes. We can offer tailored packages to our clients.
1. A set rate for each project
2. A bulk purchase of hours
3. A set rate for a retainer
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Providing some solutions for the niche market within the hydraulic industry

Strategic Approach

Enhancing consequences for clients’ human resources, overall productivity and profitability


Business terms, which are quite flexible and it will suit your business without any kind of lock-in contracts or even the long-term commitments


Guarding the client’s privacy as well as preserving transparent as well as honest relationships


Working collaboratively for just building up mutually helpful relationships for the long haul

Industry Experts

We have answered some of the main challenges in this industry for contractors since the years

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