Our forté is hydraulic estimating and helping contractors throughout Australia and New Zealand.


With over 15 years of combined experience, we have helped small and large-sized contractors solve some of their biggest challenges when it comes to hydraulic/plumbing estimating. From submitting winning bids, exploring new and promising areas in the hydraulic industry, to simply providing assistance during staff absence. Rest assured we have the knowledge, skills and experience to be an asset to your operations.


Our success and growth have meant we not only provide assistance with estimating but additionally we offer support with Project Management, Drafting, Value Engineering. We work as an extension of your in-house team, replicating roles and functions while working remotely from our Perth office. All our solutions are bespoke, tailored to the individual needs of our clients.


We offer a niche market service within the plumbing industry. A combination of our innovative approach to operations and a defined strategic methodology means that the services we provide are designed to provide timely solutions to busy and time poor plumbing and hydraulic contractors. Working remotely, we get the job done without any additional strain on your valuable resources.


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Working Together


We pride ourselves on offering the best service possible. This means that the relationships we have with our clients are of the utmost importance and are indisputably our biggest priority. We believe that working closely and harmoniously results in mutually rewarding relationships with longevity. This comes from communication, understanding, and a genuine passion for the plumbing and hydraulic industry, allowing us to work effectively as an addition to your organisation.

Strategic Approach

Here at Hydraulic Estimating Solutions Australia, we adapt our service to your organisational needs. Small or large scale, our understanding of the hydraulic industry, combined with an analytical approach helps take away the stress of pricing and all the other associated negatives. This, in turn, helps benefit outcomes for our client’s human resources, productivity and profitability.


Failure to properly secure and protect confidential business information means it can be misused to commit illegal activity if in the wrong hands. We believe in protecting the privacy of clients and maintaining a trustful and honest relationship. This is why all work is undertaken is strictly private and confidential. 

With over 20 years of combined industry experience, we are here to help. Contact Us